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The Forgotten Ornament  ***IN PRODUCTION***

The Forgotten Ornament is a Christmas tale about Willie Bear, a broken ornament, who can’t participate in a magical event while all of the intact ornaments acquire the ability to speak at midnight on Christmas Eve. Willy is eventually placed on the tree, helps the other ornaments fulfill their wishes, and learns about the gift of giving.

The Legend of Secret Pass

The Legend of Secret Pass is an engaging animated film about a story that revolves around the Thunderbirds of Native American mythology and an animal haven of mystical proportions. We follow the journey of a Native American boy, Manu, who lives with his grandfather high in the mountains. As doom approaches, Manu must take up a larger-than-life responsibility. With the help of his cousin and aunt, Manu must face a terrifying trial if the family is to survive and he is to embrace his special destiny. 

The Reptile Chronicles

This 2007 Telly Award winner for Animation was produced by Strategic Dreamers & JC2 Animated Ent. 310 Studios and JC2 Animated Entertainment (producers of “The Legend of Secret Pass”) continue their partnership to bring animal education to the public in a fun and engaging way.  “The Reptile Chronicles” follows Erik Stoops (aka Shein), a leading authority on herpetology and author of over 47 published works, on an adventure to find the world’s most intriguing reptiles.  With his trusty sidekick, a friendly and curious CG Gila Monster, Erik teaches kids all about the fascinating world of snakes, crocodiles, lizards, turtles, and geckos. 310 Studios handled all CG Animation, Post-production, and Graphic Package work.

Total episodes: 13 X 22 minutes

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Thunder, An Elephant’s Journey

Thunder, An Elephant’s Journey is the story of a young adolescent elephant, Thunder who is strong-willed and known for how he stamps his feet (it sounds like rolling thunder). One day Thunder runs away from the herd just as poachers arrive nearby. Some members of his herd escape, but many are killed for their tusks. Thunder is an epic journey of danger mixed with the delight of meeting new friends—and most important, growing up and accepting responsibility for one’s actions.

Aurora, Spirit Bear of the North

Aurora, Spirit Bear of the North is the story of a Spirit Bear who, along with her best friend, Kaghi the Raven, become stewards of the land, and go on a quest to save their animal friends from the injustices of poachers. Their yearning is to bring back the harmony and wisdom of the emerald forest they call home.

Darwin: A Galapagos Love Story

Someone has made a powerful wish - the mysterious heavens say it’s so. Desire is so strong that a wish cloud appears. It says, “Hope and love will defeat all fears.” I can feel it shake me in my ancient shell; this is a story our island animals must tell. Darwin, the giant tortoise wants to fall in love and asks the Wish Cloud in the sky to make his dream come true.

Apple the Racing Cow

Apple the Racing Cow is story about Apple, a Galloping Guernsey, as she takes on a special challenge and competes in a race against other sanctuary animals. Although Apple must face the strangeness of being a “racing cow,” she is rewarded for her bravery and tenacity.

Seed Crackers

Two ‘adventurer’ birds, Pani and Omo, fly to the great southern Pacific Ocean to search for the excitement of finding new lands, and a world populated with a diverse variety of wonderful creatures. A highflying albatross from New Zealand, Marana, helps them to reach for the impossible and assists them in their adventure: the discovery of a special place, a sanctuary of rare and endangered creatures, which have been transported there by two magnificent Blue Whales.

Along the way Pani and Omo discover the differences among the many living creatures in the vast expanse of Oceania—one of them, the difference between ‘Seed Crackers’ and ‘Gulpers’. The three help an innocent young roller bird, Totgee, who guides them to the great Blue Whales Io  and Titan. From there they fulfill a quest that Cloud Dancer has dreamed of for a very long time, visiting the secret island world of Hushma.